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RAS Systems is the North American leader in metal folding, shearing and roll forming. RAS also offers a complete line of swaging, crimping and seaming machines for the HVAC industry. If you’re in the market for a long folder, a machine that folds flanges up and down with no flipping, or a completely automated system, RAS Systems is your one-stop-shop.

RAS Systems, LLC is the American partner of Reinhardt Maschinenbau of Sindelfingen, Germany.  Reinhardt, known as RAS, has been producing fabricating machinery for 65 plus years and is known for its world-class innovation in folding, roll-forming and shearing machines for the sheet metal industry. RAS built their first folding machine in 1949, and introduced the world’s first CNC-controlled folder in 1968. With two manufacturing facilities in Germany, one in Sindelfingen, and the other in Effringen, RAS has been able to supply precision made machinery worldwide.

To better serve the North American manufacturing community, RAS opened the North American distribution center in Peachtree City, GA, in 1995. RAS Systems, LLC sells and services RAS products in the United States. We point with pride that we do not represent half a dozen manufacturers we are the only true factory-direct company that is offering folding equipment in North America. If you would like to improve your sheet metal manufacturing process, give us a call and let us see if RAS machinery would be a good fit in your production facility.